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Craig Cobb
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He was an apron-wearing Mason, a Christian, not a racist, a hip hop fan (at least at age 16), a supporter of Izzie, as are the vast majority of crissedtards, a reactor to the muzzie invasion of his country, a reader of neo-cons' sites, many of those kike-authored. The terms multi cult and multi kulty are and were mostly used on WN sites, so I presume he read some of those too. Norway has--at least some local areas of that country--more or less been anti-Zionist, roughly chronologically contiguous with American Marxists newly-found revulsion with Zionism...something which has mostly transpired in the past 10-12 years. Just as jews founded and pretty much controlled both Marxism and crissed-insanity (i.e. the 'guiding light', lol, of the latter), they locked in Breivik in his bifurcated krishtoonie mind. But the main reason he took extreme and forceful action was because of the brown invasion of his country. The Marxists he killed were the proponents who had made the invasion possible. That Breivik missed intl jewry's hand is not surprising considering his crissed-loony magick David Copperfield 'beliefs'. Part and parcel of tonnie-tunes to believe jews are the bestest on earth. Nothing surprising there.