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Originally Posted by Sam Fisher View Post
So then why haven't the Mossad traced every single member of VNN and SF, visited our homes at 3am and put a bullet in our heads?

I don't buy into that "omg Mossad is behind everything I can't adequately explain!" conspiracy shit. Leave that crap for the Stormfronters.
So you want to live on Truth island alone, or have your pick of some fine of ass daily? Breivik is too rich to unpack. Deconstructing him is going to leave a mile-size crater in the middle of WN, bodies flung everywhere, so to speak. If he "one of us" big dick, if not also big dick, we can play it either way.

Let me break it down:
Breivik is a rabid-violent Zionist (easy to grasp, pulls the left, the "multicult" toward us)
Breivik is a can-do WN, a man of action, with an brilliant esoteric plan to save the white multikult from themselves (difficult to grasp, alienates, pushes away)