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Originally Posted by Atkins View Post
You and The Bobster, with the masked terrorist avatars, talking about litmus tests for WN. I admit, when I heard the news that a WN was responsible for this attack in Norway, I was excited about it. But now, we find out that he wasn't within 100 miles of being a WN. So what is the litmus test? Must we now agree that apparent Zionist attacks are really WN attacks in disguise? Is that it?

This is one of the biggest stretches of logic I've ever seen on VNN.
It is typical of the online fool that what a man thinks about Israel matters much, much more than what he does to protect Norway.

Yeah, I've heard a lot of jews say that Norway should not become a dumping ground for 3rd world surplus population. And that it should stay 98% Norwegian, with a 2% ceiling for non-natives.

Yeah, he's a jew tool serving the jews.