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Alex Linder

Originally Posted by Rick Ronsavelle View Post
I left MR some time ago. By coincidence I saw the part about antinomians.

I have never been moved negatively like I have at MR. I sensed a willful refusal to understand real economics. My rage got worse and worse, without abatement. I was up at 4AM to get water and my first thought was homicide. No other site has produced any lasting reaction like that. I left.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: until this movement can shed its crazies/liars/moles/general dysfunctionals, we’re not getting anywhere, or at least not as far as we could. There are very, very few places on the internet where quality discussions of our people’s future can really take place. To have them disrupted and cluttered with increasingly outlandish liars, slanderers, and nutcases is not doing anyone any good…including the nuts. (from MR)
They have English leftists like Lister who live in a bubble, and have never actually been around people who don't think like they do, hence they can't believe others who aren't socialists are actually serious. Then you have the proprietor, an intelligent and seemingly well meaning fellow, allowing a crank natural or artificial by the name of Richards to call almost literally every single person in WN who's not him a jew or agent of jews. I left MR for good when he was allowed to lie that VNN had denied the Mossad's production values behind '9/11.' When I pointed out not only had I supported this theory publicly, our main thread dealing with this question was stickied in our main forum and appeared to have more views than pretty much any other thread on the forum. The baselessness of his lie proved, he refused to retract his claim but repeated it. I don't tolerate that. I won't help any site that allows that kind of lying to take place without consequences. And Guessedworker was, or is, allowing this known liar Richards to be master editor of the site.

If all others abandon standards, we will not here.