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Alex Linder
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Alex Linder

National Review is worse than wrong - it's boring. It used to be a great magazine, even in spite of its politics, which were a mix of good and bad. Now it's just TASS/right. Nothing but special pleading for Israel and...I don't know what else because I stopped reading it ten years ago.

Fudgy Pudgy is foolish to call what he does 'discourse poisoning.'

The li'l feller doesn't leave the opposition much work to do when he openly calls himself a poisoner and a terrorist. The second is if anything even worse. No, you're not a terrorist, you're a typist. But should you ever get called to court, that'll sound real good being read back to you front of a jury of AmeriKwan retardates, to be redundant.

[OD commenter Denise]

I just cannot believe how so-called “educated, elite” people are absolutely determined to destroy Civilization, and themselves, in the process. Their nastiness – and they ARE NASTY – betokens a certain level of self-awareness. They are dripping with HATRED. They call us Haters – but we, underneath all our anger, and despair, are trying to preserve life and limg, and that whch is worth preservingf. We don’t talk aobut this enough – but we ARE positive, underneath our collective horror. We want tpo livve. We believe in Life, and tryng to create the Best LIFE we can create. I beeleive that this is basic, decent healthy impulse is what motivates all our actions, on the most fundamental level. We are the Light Bearers

Not those creatures. They ARE death dealers. Not merely physical death – the death of the soul. The death of Light, and the very Spark of Life. And, in some fundamental level – the know what they are doing. They know.

That's correct. And that's why we at VNN always underline that "We are the good guys."

Leaving aside the jews, the WASPs and others who sellout with them or work alongside them out of similar mindset respect nothing but their own ego. They inflict blacks on others as a form of hubris. They'll bow before no man nor reality either when it comes to their alchemical activity - trying to turn niggers into human beings.

In one sense our side, mostly made up of conservatives, are good people - because they, in good faith, try to prove what they say. They are decent to do that. But decency doesn't win in politics. The other knows we're right. They see in niggers the same thing we do. Everybody does, black, white or green. But that doesn't mean they share the obvious conclusion. The conclusion is only obvious to us.

Rather than prove our case, we must assume our case. The proof is for backgrounders to get newbies up to speed; our fighters simply assume we're right and laugh as they punch rather than raising their fingers to remonstrate and niggle and beg to differ. Does anyone understand what I'm saying?

Our case is the most obvious thing in the world. It no more needs be proved than a supermodel must prove she is beautiful. Rather it needs to be championed and vindicated.