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Alex Linder
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Alex Linder

PS If Derb’s piece is sufficiently beyond the pale that its author must be terminated immediately, why is its publisher — our old friend Taki — proudly listed on the NR masthead?
Ha, well, you see, Taki has a lot of...clout.

Whenever a mainstream white bloviator is speaking on race it is always with the same detached air that they would use if discussing the movements of driver ants in east Africa. The notion of being personally invested in the welfare of their own people is beyond the pale.

In contrast, mainstream blacks and jews spit, sputter, and howl in explicit and personal racial solidarity…The only distinction between the two appearing in verbal facility.

If the empire of anti-white liberalism is ever to wane, this will be one of the first inflection points: a white commentator takes his own side…and lives.

Well said.