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Alex Linder
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Alex Linder

Respectfully, can I ask how is John Derbyshire showing us respect by calling the people to his right a bunch of crazies and agreeing that the right needs to be policed to keep out the crazies? The people to his right were just about the only people to aggressively defend his essay. Yet he had kinder words for Rich Lowry and the execrable William F. Buckley, Jr. than them.

That's right. How are WN going to be respected by others when they don't respect themselves? Part of respecting yourself means not pretending people who don't agree with WN positions are your friends rather than chasing them like fangirls. Derbyshire is a race-mixer. His writing about race has contributed nothing we didn't have earlier and better from men who really are on our side.

Derbyshire is not our friend, he is our enemy. Keep fawning on him, though. That will change things.

WN must be a jealous cause. It must hate and fight competitors, not fawn over them. Conservatives are our most dangerous competitors for the minds of the people we're trying to reach. They have more money and are better positioned than we are. When you throw in our sucking up to them, how can we possibly win? We can't.

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