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Angry Steele Sues His Own Wife?

I can't figure this one out but it looks like that Steele sued his own wife a year before she tried to divorce him. She was sued five other times including one traffic ticket for defective mirror and proof of insurance. There are likely some pearls here but it is hard to out much from the summaries.

1 Cases Found.
Edgar J Steele vs. Charles H Williams, etal.
Case: CV-1998-0001878 District Filed: 04/01/1998 Subtype: Other Claims Judge: Charles W. Hosack Status: Closed 02/24/1999
Defendants: Steele, Cyndi G Williams, Charles H Williams, Corey B Wozow, Henry
Plaintiffs: Steele, Edgar J
Register of actions: Date
04/01/1998 New Case Filed
04/01/1998 Civil Complaint, More Than $1000, No Prior Appearance
04/01/1998 Summons Issued
04/22/1998 Civil Answer Or Appearance, More Than $1000, Edwin Holmes For Charles/corey Williams
07/13/1998 Affidavit Of Service/wharles H Williams
07/13/1998 Affidavit Of Sub/service/corey B Williams
10/27/1998 Motion 4 Extension Of Time 2 Answer Complaint
10/27/1998 And Notice Of Hearing
10/27/1998 Hearing Scheduled - Mot/xtension (11/30/1998) Charles W. Hosack
11/10/1998 Hearing Scheduled - Status Conf. (12/02/1998) Charles W. Hosack
11/23/1998 Hearing Vacated - Status Conf.
11/23/1998 Hearing Scheduled - Status Conf. (11/30/1998) Charles W. Hosack
11/30/1998 Motion Granted - Mot/xtension
11/30/1998 Hearing Held - Status Conf.
11/30/1998 Jury Trial Scheduled - 4 Day, #4 (07/26/1999) Charles W. Hosack
12/03/1998 Order Granting Extension Of Time To Answer
12/03/1998 Scheduling Order, Notice Of Trial Setting &
12/03/1998 Initial Pretrial Order
12/09/1998 Special Motions, Cross Claim, With Prior Appearance
12/09/1998 Special Motions, Third Party Complaint, With Prior Appearance
01/08/1999 Three Day Notice Of Intent To Take Default
01/08/1999 Judgment Against Counter Defendant Edgar
01/08/1999 J Steel (ircp 55(b)(2))
01/11/1999 Notice Of Discovery
01/14/1999 Answer To Counterclaim
01/14/1999 Substitution Of Counsel
01/25/1999 Return Of Service
01/27/1999 Plaintiff's Expert Witness Disclosure
01/27/1999 [ircp Rule 26(b)(4)]
01/27/1999 Notice Of Discovery
02/11/1999 Affidavit Of Computation Of Sums Due
02/11/1999 Affidavit Of Non-military Service
02/11/1999 Application For Entry Of Default Judgment
02/11/1999 Against Third Party Defendant
02/11/1999 Notice Of Discovery
02/11/1999 Notice Of Discovery
02/16/1999 Order For Entry Of Default Against C.steele
02/16/1999 Default Judgment Of 3rd Pty Plts Against
02/16/1999 3rd Pty Def Cyndi Steele Only
02/16/1999 Certificate Of Mailing
02/16/1999 Clerk's Entry Of Default
02/17/1999 Answer To Third-party Complaint
02/18/1999 Hearing Scheduled - Mtns/cont/amend (03/25/1999) Charles W. Hosack
02/23/1999 Joint Motion To Vacate Jdmt And To Dismiss
02/23/1999 With Prejudice
02/24/1999 Hearing Vacated - Mtns/cont/amend
02/24/1999 Hearing Vacated - Jury Trial
02/24/1999 Default Judgment Against 3rd Party Steele
02/24/1999 Set Aside
02/24/1999 Dismissed Before Trial Or Hearing
02/24/1999 Order Vacating Judgment & Dismissal Of Action
03/17/2007 Scanned

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