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Originally Posted by Donald E. Pauly View Post
I sent this to Steele's main lawyer before he was sent to Federal prison for mail and wire fraud. There has been no reply but he may not have had time. I plan to write him and see how he likes his new digs (home to Bev). His earlier reply to my amicus curiae motion is included. It looks like that I was right. The Steele case was the last one that he would ever try.
Let me get this straight. You actually wrote these letters to Steele's attorneys and/or officials and even contacted his jailhouse doctors and so on? All this without Steele's knowledge and/or his family's consent?
I do not question your intentions or honesty, Donald. I think you are a kind man who cares a lot. But I really wonder whether it is wise to thrust yourself into the lives of these people who've never even met you. Aren't you being somewhat overfamiliar, or maybe even presumptuous? Have you wondered what goes through their minds when they open your letters and read all these inquiries, requests and unsolicited advice addressed to them with such overfamiliar tenor? You must not be a very shy person.