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Originally Posted by Donald E. Pauly View Post

Whitman's brain tumor and Steele's mini-strokes both caused permanent effects. Neither were episodic.

There is no evidence to suggest he had mini-strokes. None. Brain scans? Medical reports?

What evidence is there to suggest that he had mini TIAs? I mean, something other than Hadding inventing it and you running with it. Something viable.

As best as I can determine, Steele showed insane behavior all the way from his surgery to his arrest.
Then you must truly be the finest psychiatrist in the world to pick up on invisible signs from newspaper reports and letters. I mean, even his own family missed the signs!

He continued this insane behavior from his arrest thru sentencing 18 months later. A review of his rants written from jail and his letters to the judge will confirm that. Both are posted here.
I don't think letters written whilst under great stress (in prison facing double murder charges) count as insanity. I think any of us would be a little agitated under those circumstances.

What is more significant than anything else is that Steele has disappeared for the last 13 months. Several of my correspondents report no answers to letters written months ago. His website has been abandoned for about four months and his wife has stopped begging for money. I can find nothing about these three mysteries.
That's lucky for you, isn't it? The path is clear for you to step in and begin hoovering up donations.
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