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Originally Posted by Donald E. Pauly View Post
Here Steele gives us another lesson on how to deal with prominent White Nationalists when they are arrested for serious crimes. His comments are from an old VNN Forum post on the arrest of Kevin Strom for child pornography. He rejects the possibility that the ADL framed Strom. First full disclosure. I know very little of the facts of the Strom arrest. I take no position on it and his conviction. I have sent this post to Strom but not consulted him on it.

A sole ADL operative could have gotten in Strom's house and loaded 1,000 child pornography images on a secret directory on his hard drive in 30 minutes time. Strom would have never known that those images were there. This can happen to anyone who owns a computer. This would have been a thousand times easier to do than for the ADL to make two 30 minute recordings to incriminate Steele. Steele recommends that Strom shoot himself and offered to loan him a handgun to do so. False accusations of child abuse in the middle of a divorce such as Strom was going thru are the rule not the exception. Steele seems to have a "hang'em high" attitude when dealing with someone who has been accused of child pornography.

It seems to me that being accused of trying to have your wife blown up with a pipe bomb is far more serious than having a hard drive full of kiddy porn. I say that you should carefully analyze the facts of each case and come to the truth. That is exactly what I did in Steele's case. Steele failed to show the same courtesy to his fellow White Nationalist Strom.

Strom was a major player in White Nationalism and Steele was a bit player. Strom had been at it for at least 20 years and Steele only for three years or so. Strom's ex-wife was shortly shown to be a nutcase and a police character. What little that I learned of Strom's trial indicated to me that he had an incompetent lawyer.

I have shown Steele a hundred times the courtesy here that he showed to Strom. As far as I am concerned, Strom has every right to turn on Steele but he has instead supported him just like one of his cheerleaders or his wife. I too support Steele. I want to see him out of jail and for him to get the medical help that he needs. The lawyers around him need to be locked up in his old cell.

I again end with this quote.
The quoted post from Steele has far more significance than you could ever, ever know. I am so glad you brought that back to the front of the debate.
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