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Originally Posted by Ian View Post
So some sort of personality dispute. I don't think a lot of both Steele and Strom. However, I thought Cindy Steele made a massive personal effort to support her husband on trial.
Cindy's testimony and support constiitutes probably 50% of my belief that something isn't quite right with the Official Story.

I don't care how good an actor you are, if you're planning to kill your wife and her mother, there's going to be some outward signs of it and they detected none. He lent her mother the best part of $4k a month before this incident! Also, Cindy would have been able to walk into any divorce court in the land, tell the magistrate that her husband was convicted of trying to kill her and she wanted the job lot, silver, ranch and all and she'd have won. She did not. That speaks volumes.
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