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Wow, I've been to all kinds of third world countries on business (not to mention some other countries with pretty low or nil food safety standards), and I've never seen a kitchen as filthy as that.

That sink is a fucking disgrace - it takes all of 30 seconds to sterilise (not just clean, sterilise) a stainless-steel sink with anti-bacterial detergent, boiling water and a steel scourer. 30 seconds. That's why industrial kitchens have stainless steel sinks; they're easy to clean.

And I have to say, salmonella and shigella (I've had both, and wouldn't recommend either) are not fun ... I almost feel sorry for anyone who ate food from that midden of a kitchen.

People who patronise alien restaurants deserve to die agonising deaths from food poisoning.
Usually, people don't die from food poisoning nowadays. Anti-biotics and oral rehydration therapy (usually, people who die from food poisoning either dehydrate, or have strokes thanks to the electrolyte imbalance that two-week long shitting and puking bouts can induce without treatment) are pretty good now.

for the next 24 hours never left the loo and stomach pains creased them
Only 24 hours? He probably got off lightly there.

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