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Nate Richards

selling curry that, when analysed, contained an ingredient that - how shall I put this - could only have come from a man.
lol you put that as tactfully as could be done, while still getting it across.

I don't know why anyone goes to restaurants anymore, especially the "cheap" ones. Even fast food is ridiculously expensive. You aren't saving your precious time if you're spending 4 or 5 times what the food itself is worth. Money is time.

USA is same as UK in that food service industry has been infested with non-whites and homosexuals for a long time now. I'm assuming it is same for most white countries in "the west": this industry has always had a disproportionate amount of those problems.

I feel a lot better now but I will not be eating kebabs or takeaways any more because you dont know if it is fresh or not. It is better to make homemade food.
Guy had to learn the hard way, but at least he learned. Do your own cooking and you will get better at it, you'll get faster. You'll spend a lot less and always know what you're eating.
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