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Woodpecker More About the Ferguson, Missouri Shooting of Michael Brown

A grand jury will hear the evidence surrounding the shooting of Michael Brown to determine if the White cop who shot Brown should face criminal charges. But what if the grand jury is full of Blacks? Or cop-hating leftists? The cop could indeed face criminal charges.

Also, the U.S. Justice Department is going to decide whether Brown’s “civil rights” were violated. (Civil rights, a.k.a., Celler rights, are fake rights that the Jews gave Blacks in the 1960s. Civil rights laws are, by default, anti-American and anti-Western. Western culture and civil rights laws don’t mix. You can’t have both [1]).

[1] civil-rights laws are Marxist “equality laws” designed to make all humans in America equal. Here’s the problem: if America is a Western (i.e., White) country, then it is Eurocentric by default. If it is Eurocentric by default, then Whites should enjoy a higher status in society than Blacks and Browns do. Therefore, civil-rights laws are anti-American and go against our Western culture and heritage, and should be repealed by Congress. “Civil rights” is Jewish tyranny in blackface

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