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Nate Richards
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Nate Richards

The first "protestor" shot is white, pretty sure. Very light-skinned, anyway. Someone that niggers would perceive as white. Hope he was a red and not just some dumb kid who wanted to go gawk at the scene. The nigger with the phone-camera seemed to think he was a journalist for some reason.

It's not a great quality video, there isn't much light. Still worth a look, you can hear the shots near the start, then eventually what sounds like a fairly young white voice moaning. Later you can see the kid's arms and legs.

This happened two days ago and there's still barely any details in the media, besides the victim being "in critical condition". Very safe bet that those arrested were black, and I think I did see that mentioned somewhere like Twitter, but not in mass media yet. Why isn't the mass media showing clips from this video? The delay alone makes me wonder if it isn't something pretty juicy. A member of an organized "anti-racist" group? A journalist?

No time for the old in 'n out, love. I've just come to read the meter.