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steven clark

The officials are clowns. Nixon sent in the Highway patrol to cool things and his house negro Johnson backs off. The mob loots again. After complaining about 'police militarization', Nixon calls in the National Guard.

Then comes the autopsy, which the family hoped would confirm their charges, but it confirms what would be the police version. Also, more witnesses seem to say the 'gentle giant' charged the officer. So it shot down their claims as it was being aired.

But the mob wants the cop arrested...just like in Bonfire of the Vanities...'no bail, JAIL!'

If the authorities give in to the mob, it will be disgusting, and now there's to be a THIRD autopsy by the feds. Christ, they got to bury the guy sometime...and of course, what if the funeral becomes a 'social protest'. Remember those in South Africa?"

And the Guard hasn't declared martial law, which is absurd.

I'd almost say someone wants these riots to keep going on. Listen to Michael Savage on Monday. He says Obama might be fostering this to declare martial law. I don't think this...Obongo isn't that smart and hasn't the balls...but it's a very educational moment. I also hear more whites (carefully) say they've had enough.