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Post Bradford: Food outlets with zero hygiene ratings


EIGHTEEN food businesses in the Bradford area have a hygiene rating of zero, the Telegraph & Argus can reveal.

The premises include pubs, restaurants, takeaways and cafes.

One of the businesses, Dil Passand in Duckworth Lane, had a zero rating last year and retains one today.

The Food Hygiene Rating Scheme is run by the Food Standards Agency (FSA) in partnership with local authorities.

As of yesterday, there are 11 businesses under Bradford Council's jurisdiction with a zero rating.

They are:

Amaan Foods in Leeds Old Road, Bradford;

Awami Foods in Smiddles Lane, Bradford;

Berries Bagel & Shakes in Killinghall Road, Bradford;

Dil Passand, Duckworth Lane, Bradford;

Fliirt in the Kirkgate Centre, Bradford,;

Hookahs in Hey Street, Bradford;

New Abaseen in Leeds Road, Bradford;

Regal Catering in Whetley Hill, Bradford;

The Old Bank in Market Street, Bradford.

Mohammed Hussain, manager at Dil Passand, said “plenty of improvements” had been made since the inspectors had visited. He admitted previously employing staff during a busy period who did not have food hygiene certificates. He has since installed a sink and paper towels in a food preparation room which was only used at busy times and he no longer employs people who are not qualified in food safety. Mr Hussain said a repeat inspection was taking place in the next week.

Azar Younis, of Krispy Kod, said his shop had undergone a refurbishment costing more than £20,000 since the inspectors visited on June 3.

He said: "We were closing for a refurbishment in Ramadan. The guys went a bit slack thinking we are going to be off for six weeks. We were closing two days after the inspectors came."

Mr Younis said the reasons for Krispy Kod's zero rating were a damaged worktop, a faulty light in a cold room, and a leaking freezer.

He said: "We have had a massive refurbishment which cost more than £20,000. It is a completely different place.

"You would see this place now and think how can this place have a zero rating. It looks fantastic.

"There's been a change of management, new staff, including an ex-Pizza Hut manager, and new training."

New Abaseen received a zero rating after an inspection on January 6 this year. Owner Ali Nasim said it was the first inspection, and added: "Now everything is all right. When they come back everything will be all right."

Hamid Bavaghar, owner of One and 1, Shipley, said issues raised by inspectors had been sorted out and he was confident everything was now up-to-date.

He wants inspectors to revisit and provide a fresh rating.

Problems he has resolved included failing to take temperature readings and having a counter made from plain wood. He also now uses plastic containers rather than tins. Mr Bavaghar said he was confident in the food and overall hygiene.

Asjad Saddiq, of grocery shop Awami Foods, said paperwork relating to fridge temperature readings had previously not been in order, adding: “Everything else was up to date. I have all the pape

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