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Post Revealed: Greater Manchester's dirtiest shop

The M.E.N. can today reveal Greater Manchester's dirtiest shop.

Iqbal Cash and Carry, on Mere Lane, in Rochdale, is the dirtiest shop in the region, according to the Foods Standards Agency after being blasted for food hygiene.

It is the only store in the region to get a zero out of five rating after an inspection on July 1. It was judged ‘bad’ for food hygiene and safety.

Rochdale council inspectors said it required ‘urgent’ improvement and they had ‘little’ confidence in management.

They found there were no temperature controls; pest control was inadequate, with flies in the building; no hot water; no cleaning materials; and ‘dirty’ conditions.

Waste meat was not properly disposed of and was attracting flies, according to a report.

The butchery department and associated chillers were voluntarily closed for a day. Improvement notices were served and there is an ongoing investigation into conditions according to council chiefs.

The M.E.N. has repeatedly attempted to contact the owner for comment, but has had no response.

More than 20 supermarkets in Greater Manchester are failing to meet basic hygiene standards.

Eleven shops in the region scored two at their latest inspection - and 11 scored one, requiring ‘major’ improvement.

Londis, on Sale Lane, in Tyldesley, Wigan, scored one, with ‘poor’ food hygiene and safety; ‘fair’ structural compliance; and ‘little’ confidence in management.Amral Patel, who runs the store, said he was given the low rating because he was caught not properly storing and keeping warm pre-cooked pies.

He said: “I got them from a bakery. I would put half in a chiller and half in a pie-warmer. They said I couldn’t do that and had to microwave them to a certain temperature then put them in the chiller.

“That was the main thing. I’ve stopped selling them now. It was more hassle than it was worth.

“They’re coming to reassess me and hopefully I’ll be okay next time.”

Kwiksave, on Manchester Road, in Castleton, Rochdale, scored two in May this year.

A spokeswoman said: “Consistency of store standards amongst the independent retailers who run the vast majority of our stores is a priority for the business.

“We want the shopping experience to be of the highest standards in all Kwiksave stores and are dedicated to working with our retailers to help them to achieve this.”

The Coop Late shop at 197 Washway Road, Sale, Trafford, scored two at an inspection in 2013.

A spokesman said: “We take our store environment and hygiene procedures very seriously. This store’s rating is nearly two years old and we are confident that it now fully meets all FSA required standards.”

Iceland, on Golden Way in Urmston, Trafford, scored two in December 2012. The chain has not responded to the M.E.N’s request for comment.

Stockport is home to six supermarkets with a hygiene score of less than three, with three scoring one and three scoring two.

All the scores listed on the Food Standards Agency site were awarded the last time the busines

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