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Default Tunnel rail traffic grinds to a halt, as Invaders storm platform. One train even grounded overnight:

...un train bloqué toute la nuit et trois autres qui terminent leur trajet tant bien que mal. Le trafic Eurostar a connu de de très sérieuses perturbations dans la nuit de mardi à ce mercredi en raison de la présence probable de migrants...

Sheboon "justice" minister reforms penal code to favor fellow Di'ndoonuffins, citing prison overcrowding as an excuse:

...Hollande has tried to balance socially liberal policies like penal reform or gay marriage with a tough stance on crime, embodied by the popular interior minister, Manuel Valls. But conservatives say the strategy is confused...

...Les tribunaux correctionnels pour mineurs, créés en 2012 et destinés aux récidivistes de plus de 16 ans, avaient pour objectif de rendre des jugements plus sévères. Selon la chancellerie, les décisions rendues sont comparables à celles des tribunaux pour enfants...

Mystery shrouds deadliest Paris fire within a decade - 8 dead unspecifieds, after 2nd in the night arson attempt. Authorities perhaps politically circumstantionally tight-lipped, as if hushing to prevent copycat nest cleansings?:

...Ester Benbassa, a left wing Paris Senator, meanwhile accused the city authorities of continuing to ignore the dangers posed by fire to poorer people living in Paris...


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