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Stewart Meadows

Italy's large jew-controlled newspapers are chimping out over this, and they're attacking the right-wing leader / interior minister / deputy prime minister Matteo Salvini simply for doing his job. La Repubblica had the inflaming headline "629 persone ostaggio di Salvini", which means "629 people are being held hostage by Salvini":

La Repubblica is owned by Carlo De Benedetti, who is a rich, crooked, anti-Italian jewish media mogul who should actually be in prison for his crimes:

Born into a wealthy Jewish family (…) De Benedetti was arrested and admitted to having paid a 10 billion Italian lira bribe to government parties, to obtain a purchase order from the Italian Postal Service for obsolete teleprinters and computers. (…) De Benedetti never went to trial for this episode (…) In April 1992, Carlo De Benedetti and 32 other people were convicted of fraud by a Milan court in connection with the collapse of the bank.[24] Benedetti was sentenced to six years and four months in prison,[24] but the sentence was overturned

De Benedetti uses his media empire to pump out aggressive multicultural and "LGBT" propaganda and attack traditional Italian/Western values, and some of the most prominent contributors to his newspapers and magazines are jews from many different countries, like Roberto Saviano, Naomi Klein, Jeremy Rifkin, Bruno Zevi, Moisés Naím, Bernard Guetta, etc.