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Italy to ask NATO to help deal with migrant flows: Salvini

Italy wants NATO to help defend its southern shores from an influx of migrants, Interior Minister Matteo Salvini said on Friday, signaling the new government would take a much tougher line on immigration controls.
Salvini’s anti-immigrant stance has resonated with Italians and the League emerged as the second largest force in parliament at elections in March. The party has since hooked up with the anti-establishment 5-Star Movement to form a government.
“I am in favor of NATO, but we are under attack. We will ask NATO to defend us. There are many concerns about terrorist infiltrations,” Salvini told reporters after meeting two bus drivers in the northern town of Como who say they were beaten by four asylum-seekers this week after asking to see their tickets.

“Italy is under attack from the south, not from the east,” Salvini added, referring to NATO’s traditional focus on Russia.

Of course, the best thing for Italy would be to leave NATO, both The League and the Five Star Movement know that, but since that doesn't seem to be an option at this point, the second best thing that the Italian government can do is to put more pressure on this loathsome anti-Western organization by demanding that it starts doing something useful for the people that it's supposed to represent and defend.

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I love Italian men!

"During the recent federal election campaign that led to Italy's new government -- a coalition between the anti-immigrant League and anti-establishment Five Star Movement -- Salvini promoted his party with an "Italians first" slogan and pledged to deport half a million migrants.

In August 2016, he called for "mass ethnic cleansing" in Italy, "street by street, neighborhood by neighborhood, with strong manners if we need to," according to Italian news agency ANSA."
As I wrote in my thread about the Italian election: Matteo Salvini constantly talks about the brutal crimes that third-world savages commit against Italians, he has promised to put an end to mass immigration into Italy, he denounces the anti-Italian, anti-Western bloodsuckers in the Jewropean Jewnion, he says that the sanctions against Russia should be removed, and he has publically stated that he believes that the chemical attack in Syria was an obvious false flag that was carried out by Assad's enemies.

Jews hate and fear people like Salvini, and they will continue to attack him relentlessly. I just hope he doesn't cuck out, like that despicable sack of shit Donald Trump.