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Stewart Meadows

Despicable jew-lackey / former Rothschild banker Emmanuel Macron, who is the president of France, has insulted the Italian government by saying that its stance on immigrants is cynical, irresponsible and vomit-inducing. Because of these insults, the Italian Minister of Economy and Finances, Giovanni Tria, has cancelled his first meeting with his French counterpart, and the brave, strong-willed and principled Matteo Salvini is demanding an apology from Macron while continuing to call out the evil globalist jew George Soros for financing the third-world invasion.

You can read about all this in the following article:

Italy's Finance Chief Cancels French Talks in Migrants Spat

Italy’s finance minister canceled his first talks with his French counterpart and the interior minister demanded an apology from President Emmanuel Macron as a dispute over a migrant rescue ship escalated into a rare diplomatic incident.
Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini, who is also deputy premier and leader of the anti-migrant League, urged Macron to apologize earlier on Wednesday. Salvini said in a speech to the Senate in Rome that Italians “don’t need lessons from anyone on generosity and solidarity.”
Financier George Soros was also reprimanded by Salvini. “It’s time that states acted as states, it’s unacceptable that private associations paid for by who-knows-who dictate how and when immigration is handled,” Salvini said. “And then, you’d need to see where certain funding comes from, because when I read that behind some associations there is the Open Society of Soros I start to doubt how spontaneous this generosity is.”