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Default Position of croatian alt-right

As we know, Croatia is still White state so we can not have same rethoric as for an example american alt-right. The difference is next: while american alt-right do not want to explain capitalist economy because in such continent only what exist is "White privilege" who came because good pro-capitalist economy so other races do not speak for white working class because they have opinion that are all Whites does not mater about their class status enemyes. It is probably reason why american alt-right what include working supported big private owner as Donald Trump.

In Croatia is impossible that croatian working class support rich people because they are poor as american non-whites and pro-marxist. Croatia still have marxist view on economy with big public sector and higher taxes. That is the reason why all good Croats are going on the West. Croatian alt-right is pro-capitalist, she do not want Balkan alliance (Yugoalavia) than alliance with middle european states where we had common past in Habsburgs era more longer than alliance with southern Slavs . Croatian alt-right do not accept Islam I mean on alliance withbBosniaks in Bosnia by Dayton agreement who is created by USA in last war. Instead of it she accept separatist policy for Croats in Bosnia. Pro-Croat Serbs are also accepted in croatian alt-right however cooperation with them as a nation will not exist as with all pro-eastern Slavs who support Putin policy against pro-western Slavs, pro-eastern Slavs are still deeper in cultural marxism what reminds me on undermans who are "white niggers" what wrote Lothrop Stoddard in his book Revolt against civilization, they still glory Red army, they are in alliance with Venezuela,North Korea, China, all deeply cultural marxist state with low economy who attack western Slavs who grew after communism in their states and who because of that have respectfull nationalist groups today. Basic books of croatian alt-right are by Dr. Tom Sunic "Against democracy and equality" and recently is translated on croatian language "Homo-americanus: child of postmodern age" what mean that croatian alt-right want anti-immigrant capitalism only for white workers in cons of liberal capitalism where exist White flight.

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