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Biden’s bogus ‘working class’ cred and other commentary

By Post Editorial Board
May 22, 2019

From the left: Some Working-Class Joe

Joe Biden likes to tout himself as an average guy from Scranton, Pa., and a friend to lunch-bucket Democrats and union guys. It would be “a great selling point,” says Michael Dardzinski at RealClearPolitics, if it were actually true. But the former vice president wasn’t so concerned for the working class when his team “strong-armed the Senate into passing a statute,” the Multiemployer Pension Act of 2014, which allowed cuts in certain workers’ pensions and those paid to retirees as part of a last-minute budget bill. Instead of pretending to fit in at the union hall, Biden should work to right the wrongs of his party, says Dardzinski, whose own father lost money to Biden’s bill. After all, the key to winning the election, he writes, is to “start learning about the people being left behind by both major political parties.”