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Originally Posted by Rasen View Post
You know it has never been just a matter of property, we're talking about national-socialist views.
Of course, this is not a matter of property

But when I realized what kind of forum it was then there was a time when I chose between options to stay here or leave here.

Do you hear me? The decision was made at that time.

And this decision was that I decided to stay here realizing that the views of most members of the forum can be opposed to mine.

For example I'm a proud collector of Third Reich symbols cuz the old school Germans knew how to kick shit out of jews and commies like your grandfathers.
You didnít tell anything about it. So tell us about your collection.

It's very unlikely that you'd tolerate such views if you were honest with your intentions.
You have the right to doubt my intentions

Did you ever attend to Eternal Regiment antifascist rallies in your country? Hope it's not a secret since I was once invited in Zagreb too but predictable refused to take part in such a freaky show.
I never participate in such rallies, because I do not like to be involved in any events related to the mass participation of citizens.

I have high doubts your parents and closest friends would ever approve your tolerance for SS-Totenkopf and Dirlewanger stuff.
I believe that I can figure out my relationship with my relatives and friends without your kind participation

And I'm not so young to depend on anyone's opinion.
Where should they dig the Very Deep Pit?
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