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The "boarder" as you call it, is 500 miles from where I live but when greasers pass through my area I send them straight to West Virginia.

You're the resident genius who posted a thread bewailing the fact that Brits like to jerk off to porn. You should tell the forum why it concerns you and suggest to the forum what you intend to do about it.

I suggest that when you get done teaching your grandmother how to suck eggs you should hurry over to England and teach them how to fuck.

Hey, too bad about dropping out of college and getting the ulcer from employment, etc. Maybe you should just stay on your dad's farm and continue teaching the livestock how to fuck.

Originally Posted by sean(doc)martin
I was thinking more along the lines of sending someone from Texas since they did such a bang up job on the boarder situation, someone fine and upstanding who pays his or her rent and gives a required 30 day notice before exiting property. Someone who doesn’t try to mimic others and actually has gainful employment.

Someone who stands tall behind a computer name instead of openly exposing himself or herself to the Jew. Someone with no hair so he wouldn’t get distracted with his or her hairdo.