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Sean Martin
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Sean Martin

Send them to the white women? You hate white people that bad? So you admit you are helping spics in America instead of trying to turn them back. You can start something but cry when someone responds to your blather. Another thread you have derailed.

You had gotten fairly tame when J.P was slapping you around, now that he is not around as much you will start mouthing again.

Insulting someoneís family how Jewish. At least I have money and my own house. Donít you wish you could say that you have accomplished half as much at 40 as I have at 30?

Where is your woman who left you in disgust? Still single? Perhaps porn is your answer as well.

Lawrence Dennis posted a similar thread, why arenít you on it crying?

Seriously donít waste my time.

Originally Posted by MOMUS
The "boarder" as you call it, is 500 miles from where I live but when greasers pass through my area I send them straight to West Virginia.

You're the resident genius who posted a thread bewailing the fact that Brits like to jerk off to porn. You should tell the forum why it concerns you and suggest to the forum what you intend to do about it.

I suggest that when you get done teaching your grandmother how to suck eggs you should hurry over to England and teach them how to .

Hey, too bad about dropping out of college and getting the ulcer from employment, etc. Maybe you should just stay on your dad's farm and continue teaching the livestock how to .
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