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Sean Martin
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Sean Martin

That was Lawrence Dennis who said that, I said Brits preferred porn to women.

You really are to stupid to read. One lie after another. Read the first post for proof.

The reason you are not on this thread spreading your division.
'1 in 4 adults, including 1.4m women, downloaded pornography last year'
lawrence dennis
Is because you are a WN lemming who follows the herd.

Nameless coward, nothing to see her folks.

Originally Posted by MOMUS
Awwww, did I derail your thread? , man, continue with your subject! It must be important to you or you wouldn't have posted a thread about it. You say that 1/4 of Brits are off to porn. What do you propose to do about it? Will you take matters in hand and offer them some relief?
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