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Originally Posted by sean(doc)martin
I said porn had a bearing on white reproduction and white mating.
I believe you're right. If someone's jerking off to pornography every time their libido flares up instead of giving it to their mate, that's another missed opportunity for making a baby. If they don't have a mate and they're beating off to porn, chances are they're not going to look for one very hard, since their needs are already being met (again, no baby). I also wonder if it isn't possible to develop a psychological dependence on porn if one "uses it" too much; this could lead to a preference for masturbation over real intercourse, which again, leads to no baby.

Personally, I don't see what the appeal of porn is to most people. Some of the older Playboy and Penthouse material was nice, but today's porn is truly vile, and it just keeps getting worse. The last porno I rented (and it's the last one I'll ever rent) was one starring "Belladonna." In one scene, a girl spent 5 minutes deliberately making herself gag on a dildo, her head dangling off the table she was on, while a girl lay on the floor beneath her in order to swallow the wretch that was coming out of her mouth as she gagged. This was a "mainstream" porno movie. What next -- necrophilia?

It's interesting that more and more women are becoming porn consumers. Must be the latest direction in women's lib.
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