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I know this is a dead sticky, but seriously, other than to harass jew-owned stations, who fucking cares if a profane word is used? Thats so ancient. Words are words. You teach your kids about niggerlovers, fags and (probably) abortion, but heaven forbid they hear "shit" on the boob-tube? What gives? You dont think they hear these words at home or at school, or from their friends? In movies they watch, at home or at a friends house? What do you really think you are protecting them from? Do you really even think you *can* shelter them to such an exacting extent?

And if you dont have kids but just find simple vernacular so terribly offensive, I cant believe any strong white man/woman would be so fragile and unable of dealing with reality.

People swear. People curse. Big deal. Who cares if its on TV or in a movie.

Like I said, if its just to harass jew media, fine. But other than that, why blow it out of proportion.. they are just words. Like "nigger", and "jew", which many of our opponents would censor from their childrens ears. ...People are over-sensitive to this issue.
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