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Shane Graham
Lightbulb Alex do you have a safe?

i've done a lot of research with coins the last couple years. I've read Crash Proof by Schiff and he recommends buillion coins like you are obtaining. He also recommends the Perth Mint in Australia,, and various gold mining stocks.

But still I recommend the Morgans, Peace, and collectible gold coins because they often have a small premium and can appreciate much more than slabs of gold or silver. You need to do your research and know which coins to buy, but you can see returns of 100-1000% sometimes.

Why not accumulate coins for a small premium that were once used as real money?

I highly recommend American Gold Exchange.

Now we should all accumulate coins for our own safety and wealth, but my idea about the AGD fund is to have a fund that adds up as WN's make small contributions.

Personally I think we should send coins to Linder. But you need a safe for proper storage.

The fund is for its own sake--accumulation. No bartering, no trading for cash.