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Originally Posted by confederate View Post
no i don't.
(Lawdy! what a racist bastard this Confederate is!)

Well I do consider blacks "people" -- that is, if you'll note, parentheses are wrapped around the word itself. If written in such a politically incorrect manner it becomes a joke, or a rolling of eyes; a "Yeah, right...they're people!" (italics being yet another way of emphasizing the fact that they are not in fact an actual people).

Moreover, the term civilization denotes a level of social organization achieved by a society of human beings that have reached an advanced stage of development. And fuck "culture", a disingenuous term employed by the left to insinuate that blacks and other muds are equal in terms of ability and achievement to that of Whites. Hell, a colony of fire ants has a culture; something that blacks, along with their mouthpiece liberal media, are forever touting. And ask yourself this: How many former Europeon colonies in Africa or the Carribbean have been able to care for their "people" and land once Whites have pulled out and left the natives to fend for themselves? Rhodesia? South Africa? Haiti? No; they've all gone down the tubes once the native inhabitants have been handed the reins. The White man will forever be running to their rescue to stop, stem the flow of genocides; the famines; to clothe and heal the population of their medical emergencies. And that's why, folks, blacks will forever be the White man's burden. Count on it.
Wit' jews ya lose; wit' rope deah's hope.
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