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Originally Posted by Igor Alexander View Post
I'm glad to know this, as I recently brought up the Dragonsky thing as a means of discrediting Hoffman at another forum where he was foaming at the mouth against "neo-nazis" and white nationalists as usual. In the future, I'll have to find something else to attack him with.
Well it does discredit him in a sense; in so far as he should have known better, because it was only because he misspelled the name and wouldn't (as well as didn't) give a reference (which myself and the contributor had written to him and asked for) that the mistake was made. 'Dragonsky' isn't the only thing he's gotten wrong in a big way; I tended to use it before I found the reference to David Dragunsky because it was a simple thing to point to and explain.

If you wish to attack Hoffman merely ask him how on earth he can use Yiddish references when he can't speak Yiddish.

I wish people doing research of this kind would start providing their sources in footnotes for anything that isn't widely known or firmly established.
Yes: it is a serious problem and it is compounded by all the false references out there. For example the Israel Cohen or the Selenkov quotation, which come from the Conde McGinley/'Common Sense' milieu, which sort of morphed into 'The Spotlight'/'Liberty Lobby' and now the 'American Free Press' crowd.

If you want the references for any given argument my advice; based on my experience, is to go back to anti-Semitic literature from the 1950s backwards as that is where you usually find the source (it is usually in either the French or German anti-Semitic literature as English-language stuff has little that is original in it beyond say the research of Arnold Leese and William Joyce as well as the more over-arching thoughts of Hilaire Belloc). Most anti-Semitic arguments today; or well sorry most common anti-Semitic arguments made by anti-Semitic non-specialists in the jewish question, are based on these original thoughts and/or research rather than anything more current.

I just wish that there were more people who profess to be so opposed to the jews who were interested in doing even a little bit of the mountain of research that this subject requires. If anybody is interested of course feel free to send me a PM and I can probably point you in the right direction and help with any niggling points.

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