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Kennedy was playing a clever game of dividing the opposition by appeasing niggers and leftist Jews while defying Zionist ones. The latter seem to have got rid of him but nobody can prove a whole lot. Just the Cui Bono test.
Kennedy was a tiny bit of a counter revolution coming after Jew Eisenhower and he was more use to them dead than alive and that is enough.

It was a last ditch strategy to oppose Zionist Jewish power and it failed.

The waters on assassination research have been muddied by all the leftie Jews like Mark Lane who were attracted to the Kennedys like flies to shit.

Both sides of the Oswald debate are liars with Jews on both sides.

Gathering all the evidence and trying to sift through it is a difficult job as a mountain of bs out there on this topic.

No wonder some people just throw up their hands and go back to the Oswald theory but something more was at work for sure just nothing much can be proven.