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Default RFDTV white programming for white people

Welcome to the new website for RFD-TV, the first 24-hour television network dedicated to serving the needs and interests of rural America, and our city cousins alike. Launched in December/2000, RFD-TV provides an outstanding lineup of family-oriented programming designed to inform, educate, and entertain the homes, schools, and businesses located throughout North America in all 50 states.

Currently, RFD-TV is available to over 21.2 million homes as a basic channel on DISH Network (9409), DIRECTV (379), Mediacom and NCTC cable systems. For more information on each of these systems, please click the links in the left column, or contact your local cable company for the channel number for your town or system.

Our Program Schedule reflects the next 7 days of the RFD-TV programming. Week's Content is updated each Monday for the coming week, and contains detailed information for each program scheduled to air, along with special show announcements.
Please tell your friends and neighbors about this network. Thanks for your interest in RFD-TV, Rural America's Most Important Network. E-mail your comments to [email protected]

Click here for a program schedule

Just a sample of some of the fine white programming you will find. Note the polka fest.
Rural Heritage
Porter Wagoner Show
Jimmy Sturr Show
Best Of Making It Grow
Big Joe Polka Show
Renos Bluegrass Festival
Gospel Sampler
The American Rancher
Classic Tractor Specials
U.S. Farm Report
Machinery of the Past
Classic Tractor Fever
California Country
Wilburn Brothers Show
Midwest Country
The Branson Jam
Jew free and virtually groid free (I have seen one he was a janitor in the background) It is wonderful to turn on the televitz and see nothing but white people acting white. Letís not let the Jews have this avenue of white programming, show your support order it today.
Dish Network 9409
Direct tv 379
Doppelhaken, Draco, Richard H, ToddinFl, Augustus Sutter, Chain, Subrosa, Jarl, White Will, whose next?