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Originally Posted by N.B. Forrest View Post
Kike-controlled Madison Avenue has it in for straight White men, no doubt about it: White manhood mocked in every conceivable way; as mentioned by the guy in the above vid, no "domestic" (the focus always on that committed by straight males) violence against women/breast & ovarian cancer-level coverage of men's life & death issues.

As that filthy ad exec kike Donnie Deutsch once candidly boasted (so cocksure was he that he & his co-kikes will never be called to account):

"My company is run by women, fags & jews."
The talent is liberal arts people who all think the same way. It's the same thing in journalism. They all go thru the same pipeline, they all come out thinking the same way, agreeing with the same agenda. If nothing else it's extremely boring. Culture has become a private, back channels sort of thing.