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Originally Posted by fyc View Post
it used to be brain dead white knobs, but now its the record number of immigrants who infest britain
The mud population of England that is eligible to vote is like %6 or so, right? To me that means that Labor still gets the majority of its votes from the white working class.

The real crime of the dumb knobs is that they let themselves be bought off with handouts and cheep slogans. The way I understand it is that the working class is, for the most part, economically left and socially right, that means they like nanny state policies and lots of redistribution, but on the other hand, if I am not totally mistaken, most of the working class are actually fairly conservative when it comes to traditional values and their families. So essentially they sold out their families for a few increases in benefits and handouts and a few cheep, empty feel good slogans about social justice.
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