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I'm working class I work in Engineering. For years I was the same as the whiners blaming everyone else - especially Thatcher for my own lack of success going from one low paid job to the dole.

Then In my mid 20's I got a place at technical college and I've never looked back. Today I have a lifestyle that I couldn't even have dreamed about 20 odd years ago when I listened to the 'Leaders' of the fringe parties.

If people are waiting for a Nick Griffin or a George Galloway to come along and change their lives then they are in for a bloody long wait !
Putting your disdain of the nationalist movement aside (though it makes me wonder what the hell you are doing here?) for a moment, the communists used to describe people like yourselve as "aristocratic workers". "Aristocratic workers" occupied a working field in which the demand is higher than the supply which explains the high wages and lifestyle. These workers, the communists argued, have due to the current circumstances lost all grip on reality and usually take a reactionery position on the workers struggle.

Such fields are for example engineering. Most accurately electrical and mechanical engineering. Construction engineers on the other hand most of the time find themselves in a similar situation as many not-so-educated working class people.

Fortunately for you since you are rather old (mid 40's i guess) you wont be witnessing first hand the downturn of these working fields as the supply side of the equation will increase dramatically in the next years. Already since 2006 all german colleges and universities abolished the german degree and have introduced the master and bachelor. Why that? Because capitalists (the demand side) no longer want to be tied up within the national bounderies for the search of the needed engineers. Soon all other countries of the EU will follow.

The supply market which was worldwide for the less-educated worker until now, has been rather national for the engineer. This is going to change too and with it the wages and lifestyle you so adore too.

Libdem voter?
In the age of Globalization,its not the international Left,but the nationalist Right,which is the true anticapitalist force,which will set restrictions on the international Capital and will secure and improve the nation-state as a social shelter.