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Originally Posted by psychologicalshock View Post
Rather defeatist attitude. What to do about it? Go for the root of the problem. It's a difficult journey but at least there is an idea.

We're not waiting for anything, the fact of the matter is that for any type of savior to appear there must also be a certain seed already implanted. Laying arms down isn't a way to go about it. It might seem hopeless today however there are enemies to Jews growing up for tomorrow. Generally it is my belief that any more nationalized opposition to World Jewry would instantly fund all groups that can cause huge damage. Thus the real "fuel" for a WN movement would be similar to all movements aimed to flip things over and that is funding. You might have heard that the government likes to fund the fake WN's (Where do you think they get the hicks to show on TV) but the real ones such as those on VNN would be perfect agitators in the eyes of people who wish to shake Judaic countries into a coma. It'd be rather poetic justice I think, to deliver the Jews to their doom through the same type of Revolutions they used against us, through the same proxy system.
This is great perception.
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