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The United States is an occupied land. White people live under Jewish occupation. Jews decide the fate of Christians.

Naturally, the media are under control. Naturally the money is in the hands of the rulers. Naturally, the economy rises and falls at the whims of the occupiers. Our military is under occupation. Our elected officials obey their commands.

We are not supposed to notice America is occupied, but everything points to it. Is our government allowed to act in the interests of the American people? Are we allowed to ditch the fair trade pacts? Are we allowed to kick out unwanted immigrants? Are we allowed to enforce laws against open borders? Are we allowed to keep our nation sovereign?

Are we allowed to refuse wars for Israel? Who does our military fight for? Why are we being watched, spied on and keep under surveillance? We are not a dangerous people, so why all the watching and spying and list keeping? Is it because we may notice we are occupied and decide we don't like it and do something about it?

Are we allowed to pray and read the Christian Bible in public schools? Why can't we have religious displays in public places? Who does it harm? What Constitutional laws would we be violating providing that the Constitution is the actual concern and should be honored in all respects!

Are we allowed to keep neighborhoods and schools and cities and towns free of Black crime and Black criminals? Are we allowed to oppose "diversity" in any community across this country? What was so holy about forced integration? Before the Civil Rights Act crime was almost unheard of. The white people must have been doing something right.

Whose interests do our media pander to? Whose views do the newspapers express? What about our Universities? Are they allowed to discuss the true powers of government, the Courts, the power running the central Banking system?

Why is the speech of white Americans under scrutiny? Who has the right to oppress our speech? Who is making the hate laws? Who is deciding what hate is? Who is deciding that white people are the ones filled with hatred? How did we get to be so bad and wrong? Who decided that? It is not us condemning ourselves, is it?

The American people are not making decisions about anything, not what we want or need or would like to see or have done. Why not? If this is a free country, why not?

America is a country under occupation.
The birth of every white baby is the First Born of the next generation.
"Segregation did not exist to hold back other races. It existed to protect us from them." D. Roof

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