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The Christian Church and the Jews have one thing in common...both want the White people to pamper, finance and nurture crime and killers. These "poor" Blacks or Indians and so/called victims of white hatred that they both moan about commit some of the most heinous crimes in the world.

Blacks fear members of their own race. Why should we trust them? Why should we want them around? Why should we knock ourselves out for any of the stereotypical "poor?" That includes the Hispanics -watch your purses in Church. Why should we give them jobs over whites, feed them, give them free housing, free education, free health care so they can plunder, rape, rob and murder? They never rise above their circumstances. Apparently, evolution ignores them and all the money in the world can't force evolution to elevate them.

The sanctimonious Jews want us dead so their reason is obvious. But why does the Church want it? The "poor souls" the Church berates the White Man into subsidizing are overwhelmingly thieves, rapists, and killers. I don't recall Christ sponsoring or advocating anything that would increase crime - or line the pockets of the Jews.

It is time to stop paying for lawlessness to rule the streets of America. And it is time for the Church to stop meowing for aid for criminals.
The birth of every white baby is the First Born of the next generation.
"Segregation did not exist to hold back other races. It existed to protect us from them." D. Roof

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