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Being Roman Catholic I looked forward to the Pontiff's visit to the United States. I hoped for a world leader to be on our side for a change. After all, everything the Church is is due to our love and faithfulness. But he has disappointed me.

So far, the Holy Father has addressed issues of every race except one. The White Americans. Not once as he addressed the problems besetting the white people. He speaks as if he understands there is a problem in the United States, but that problem is us. We just don't seem to do enough for "migrants, Blacks and Indians. Anyone would think other races are not a problem.

Not only are we the problem but, we are sadly remiss by not doing everything we can for what he calls the "poor." It does not matter how hard or heavy that burden is. He seems totally unaware that the Blacks and Hispanics are bankrupting us, replacing us, thumbing their noses at us and committing heinous crimes against us.

The truth is the White Race is the only race in America that has problems. Other races don't have problems. The white people are anything but a problem to Blacks and Hispanics. They don't hang around because of problems. If so, they would leave just like they came. But they ARE creating horrendous problems for the white people. Where did the Pope get the idea that White Americans have no problems while other races are poor and mistreated and the victims of our discrimination?

The Pope is a German. He lived during the Third Reich. He knows Jews are the perpetrators of problems. He knows they are creating havoc here - like they do everywhere they go. He can't have lived all these years and not know that.

It would seem the Catholic Church has decided to represent non white whinning issues and not us. If the Church is not going to address the concerns of the white race then she has separated herself from us. We need our own Church.
The birth of every white baby is the First Born of the next generation.
"Segregation did not exist to hold back other races. It existed to protect us from them." D. Roof

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