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I received a PM asking why white women date and marry black men? He said his blood boils when he sees this obscenity. I think the same thing about white men marrying Asian women. One is about as ugly and repulsive as the other.

White men probably do so because Asian women are smart enough to know that the male ego can be manipulated if massaged enough. A man has a sex drive and his ego seems to be attached to his sexual prowess. He can be used.

I've seen Asian women in action.

White women, on the other other hand, act according to the authority over them. Jews are the authority. White women are thrown to the dogs. They no longer have a solid, reliable anchor from which to function. It is like a household without a father. Fathers are the authority figure and children instinctively know what they can and cannot do. Under White authority females would know without being told that inter-racial relations are taboo.

Jews make women feel they are as capable as men. They know better, of course. Were that the case, the last thing the Jews would do is promote radical feminism.

Until White Authority re-assert itself women are hapless pawns of the Jews. A few women are wise, but most of them simply do not have the mentality to function properly without an anchor. Only white men can do anything about white female victimization.
The birth of every white baby is the First Born of the next generation.
"Segregation did not exist to hold back other races. It existed to protect us from them." D. Roof