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Originally Posted by Gerdes

"These digs that have taken place, are they the ones where no photos have been produced for seven years?"

Oh but there are Ced. There are two organizations that are part of Roberta's team that have websites up with photos and everything.

If anyone wants to see the photos of the "huge mass graves" of Sobibor, check out The Sobibor Archaeology Project here:

And the "Friends of Sobibor Remembrance" association here:

Mmmmmm, that's odd, there doesn't seem to be any photos of said "huge mass graves!" Must just be a slight oversight that will be corrected any day now I'm sure. Maybe Retardo can point out the photos of the "huge mass graves?"


Here's another question -

If you were Andrzej Kola or Yoram Haimi, and the "huge mass graves" allegedly found at Sobibor are not a hoax, just how long would it take you to send off to "SKEPTIC" magazine all the proof in the world needed to become an applicant for THE FINAL SOLUTION FORENSIC CHALLENGE reward? And what about Shammer? What the hell is he waiting for?

And notice greasy jew Haimi's begging for money! LOL!!! If he needed money so bad, and the "huge mass graves" actually exist, then what is he waiting for? Is there anyone who could lay claim to THE FINAL SOLUTION FORENSIC CHALLENGE faster than that greasy jew? And what are you waiting for Roberta? Would you ask you partner Haimi to put up some photos of the "huge mass graves" on The Sobibor Archaeology Projects webpage?
Funny, this crap reminds me of what I just wrote under http://holocaustcontroversies.blogsp...llenge_29.html in response to similar crap posted by Gerdes on the CODOH Cesspit:

The chimp obviously thinks that the people of the Sobibor Archaeology Project and the "Friends of Sobibor Remembrance" association share his obsession with mass graves and the contents of mass graves, and that they would necessarily parade photographs of both on their websites, notwithstanding the religiously motivated complaints about desecration of the dead that such photographs would expose them to.

And he also seems to think that archaeologists have nothing better to do than publish evidence in order to meet the requirements of the "challenge" launched by the so-called "National Association of Forensic Criminologists, Archeologists, Skeptics and Historians" (NAFCASH). For that, they would not only have to overcome considerations of human dignity that make a "show me human remains and you’ll get money" – challenge a singularly disgusting undertaking, but also need to be gullible enough not to see through the transparent hoax that this challenge is: not only is a potential applicant limited to one single source of publication (meaning that the chance of becoming an applicant to the reward, independently of what evidence one has got to show, depends on whether or not SKEPTIC magazine is interested in publishing such evidence), he will also – as I have pointed out in my discussion with Gerdes on the VNN thread Archeological Investigations of Treblinka – probably have to obtain a decision from a court of law certifying that the evidence he submitted to NAFCASH, after publishing it in SKEPTIC magazine has made him "eligible", objectively meets the requirements of the NAFCASH challenge and he is thus entitled to the reward (or does anyone expect a mendacious slime-ball-player like Gerdes to acknowledge that his challenge requirements have been met, no matter what evidence he is shown?). And once the applicant has obtained such award from a court of law, he will have to run after each supporter of the NAFCASH challenge (there are 21 of them including Gerdes, according to the same) for the share of the reward amount to which each supporter has committed (unless one is so trusting as to believe that these characterless bigots will pay voluntarily).

Gerdes’ mouthing-off against the above-mentioned entities may turn out to be a shot in the foot, however. I can imagine members of the Sobibor Archaeology Project or the "Friends of Sobibor Remembrance" association getting angry enough, upon reading Gerdes' crap, to decide that it's time to teach the bigmouth a lesson and publish evidence meeting the NAFCASH challenge requirements just in order to humiliate the fellow, independently of whether or not they can realistically expect payment of the reward amount. All the more so as Gerdes’ stance is echoed by another "Revisionist" clown, an obnoxious and cowardly Swede who calls himself "Malle" (see the RODOH thread Invitation to Mr. "Malle" ...) , in his post Mon Jul 28, 2008 6:36 on the same thread.
Also from the same article:

Despite the above breakdowns in logic and reason, however, Dahl still stands out among his fellow "Revisionists" as the one-eyed among the blind. Especially if you compare his considerations with the replies of Greg Gerdes, whose repertoire is – as usual – reduced to his infantile "show me, show me" – yelling. The chimp’s posts of Mon Jul 28, 2008 12:30 pm, Mon Jul 28, 2008 12:40 pm and Mon Jul 28, 2008 1:11 pm can be boiled down to the following stance:

1. "Show me all I’m yelling for, with photographs, right here and now!"

2. "If you can’t show me all I’m yelling for, with photographs, right here and now, this means that what I’m yelling for doesn’t exist and the whole thing is a hoax."

One can probably expect a less primitive line of argumentation from a five-year old.
The Dahl-Gerdes-Hargis show is also being followed with some amusement on page 13 of the thread "A message to Jonnie Hannover Hargis …" of the RODOH forum. An appropriate comment there from David Woolfe:

Wow, all Dahl said was that perhaps as many as 5000 Jews may have died at Belzec (but not from gassing), and Gerdes starts with the "come on Laurentz, show me just one mass grave. JUST ONE" on him.
This guy really needs to seek professional help...

I couldn’t have said it better myself. :-)