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Roberto Muehlenkamp

Originally Posted by Gerdes
Looks like Roberta has tucked tail and ran back to HC (Hysterical and Cowardly HIV Contagious Homosexual Creeps espousing Holocaust Claptrap and other Historical Canards). It seems the following questions were just too much for her to handle:
Your capacity for wishful thinking is matched by your obvious tendency for self-projection, which in turn is matched by your effeminate hysteria, which in turn is matched by your Simian imbecility, Mr. Gerdes. That’s why the National Association of Fish-Wives, Cretins and Screaming Hysterics can function as a one-man show – Gerdes himself fulfills all the requirements.

As to the rest of your self-projecting, retarded and hysterical howling, it has been addressed in my previous posts of today and the posts referred to there. If there’s anything you think I did not address, please let me know.

Did I already tell you that the more you freak out, the more valuable you are to me as a demonstration object of "Revisionist" cowardice, mendacity and imbecility?

If not, here goes that compliment.