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Greg Gerdes
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Greg Gerdes


“Note to our readers: Due to my numerous mental / emotional problems, I got so mad at Gerdes for showing everyone what a total dumbass I am, that I started smashing my keyboard with my head and two of my posts today came out several times. Thus posts # 872 to # 875 and # 877 are the same, and posts # 882 and # 883 are identical.

Mr. Gerdes pointed this out to everyone, but due to my low IQ and my extremely agitated state, I was unable to understand what he was talking about, and I then made myself look even dumber than usual by my response to his post.

Please ignore every post I've ever posted here. I apologize for all the problems my stupidity, incessant lying, utter hypocrisy, cowardice and my myriad mental / emotional problems may have created.”
Appology accepted Roberta.

Now answer the 27 questions that are on the table.