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Greg Gerdes
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Greg Gerdes


"I couldn’t care less... if you don’t want to see me around here anymore, just tell Gerdes to shut up and I’ll be gone. Next time you hear from me will then be when I got my article published by the only publisher that goal-post-shifting coward Gerdes now accepts, Shermer’s SKEPTIC magazine."

LOL!!! Sounds like some kind of an 8 year old, doesn't she?

Roberta is really looking for an out, isn't she? And now she's stopped answering any questions about the alleged "huge mass graves" of Sobibor.

What a pathetic coward.

This folks, is all the "proof" that the retarded jewbitch has for said "huge mass graves:"

"Because Prof. Kola said so."


Have I ever told you that you were priceless Roberta? (Remember when your dad used to tell you all the time that you were useless Roberta? Well, send him these posts just to remind him that, even though you're a Hysterical and Cowardly HIV Contagious Homosexual Creep espousing Holocaust Claptrap and other Historical Canards, you still have some value to this world.

Thank you Roberta.


"Holocaustianity does not stand up to any challenge... The dogma of the holocaust fails when looked at from a scientific and logical view as well as legal."

Are you trying to say Goddess, that "Because Prof. Kola said so" isn't a scientific or legal argument?

Bwaaaaahaahahahahahahahaha. Can't you just picture that in "SKEPTIC" magazine? Of course, it's basically the same argument Shammer has used to date - because the "eyewitnesses" said so. Shermer and Muehlenkamp are cut out of the same piece of used toilet paper, aren't they?


"I do not tell Herr Gerdes to "shut up" - there is no reason to; especially since he is winning this debate and you seem to be losing it."

Thank you Goddess, and you're making the retard look like the utter piece of shit she is also.

BTW, I think watching the others here rip poor Retardo to shreds is as much fun as doing it myself.

On behalf of all the people here making you look like the retarded, lying, piece of greasy dogshit jewbitch that you are Roberta, I would like to say -