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Donnie in Ohio

The bitter irony (is there any other kind these days?) is that, back when so many of those oldtimers dropped out of high school and began building their empires, those universities they passed up actually were "seats of great learning", and a lot of those folks felt genuinely lesser - incomplete - for never having attended (or finished, if they had)

A good 75% of those in college today are there for 4 more years of High School with no direct parental supervision. Your roommate doesn't care when (or if) you come home, and how drunk or impulsively tattooed you are when you do it.

The average student graduates college deeply in debt.

A smart and motivated individual can make a surprising amount of income working during those same 4 years, and have zero debt. Enough to start his own business and work for himself.

Who is better prepared to succeed?
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