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Originally Posted by Lew_ View Post
True enough. When the injustice aligns with Jewish interests, it gets different treatment in the media, and those are the injustices Whites do not seem to feel guilty about.

I can't tell you the number of times I've clashed with White anti-Whites who cited Indians, slavery, Jim Crow, colonialism or the holocaust as reasons White should feel guilty. I've never had anyone bring up the Iraqi or Afghan civilian dead. I've never had anyone cite as reasons for guilt the cruel mistreatment of White indentured servants, or child laborers, or any other subset of the White population that has unfairly suffered.

If you go back a bit further, it also seems to be true that prior to the Jewish media takeover, Whites felt no unearned guilt at all about any event. Like every race/ethnic group, Whites have committed their fair share of actions that one could argue were injustices. But, prior to WW2, I know of no evidence Whites were collectively languishing with unearned guilt over Indians, slavery, and colonialism in the 1910s - 1920s.

If you go back even further, I know of no major historical commentators who ever suggested Euro peoples like to claim unearned guilt. Who talked about this? Herodotus? Aristotle? Luther? Hume? Machiavelli? I don't know that any of them ever did. If Whites have a guilt flaw, unless they discussed it and I missed it (possible), it seems that some of the most powerful minds to ever walk the Earth didn't notice it.

So what we're left with is this:

- Before the Jewish media takeover, unearned guilt seems to be non-existent among Whites.

- After the Jewish media takoever, unearned guilt has become pervasive among Whites. The exception is when events that you would expect to trigger guilt are aligned with Jewish interests.

So yeah, on reflection, I think you're right; this inherent race-guilt argument quickly crumbles upon scrutiny. Not is only is there no evidence Whites feel guilty for no reason, there is evidence the guilt perfectly aligns with Jewish media presentation, and Jewish presentation is the only explanation that makes sense.
Yes, well said, you've enlarged the point nicely.

It's simply conforming to authority. Obeying authority. The mass of people is biologically prone to do that. If authority says "you're evil, your ancestors are uniquely guilty," the mass of people will go along with that too. There's nothing more too it than that. Christ, I couldn't figure it out myself when I was in college. Bradley Smith tried to place an ad in my student paper. My jewish feminist editor rejected it. I didn't think anything of it. I assumed Smith was just a shit-stirrer. Christ, if I can't figure out, me being the smartest person who ever lived (in my mind), how can the average person?

According to Greg Johnson and Jared Piece-of-Shit Taylor, we're supposed to blame that poor fat myopic sixth grader collecting paperclips or pennies to commemorate the six billion or whatever it is. Really? We're supposed to blame this poor kid, because he has some unique sicko fetish for feeling guilty? That's the problem, rather than everyone he knows lying to him, hiding the truth, calling him a hater if he even begins to develop a doubt?

Nah, y'all go on and blame whites. I'm not taking any blame for myself not knowing when I was 20, and since I hold myself to a higher standard, I'm sure as hell not going to blame people with a lower mental capacity and lower genetic capacity for resistance to authority. Whites are getting screwed by authorities. By jews and the knowing and unknowing men of other races who serve them.

Anyone who tells you whites are to blame is your enemy, not your friend. He is doing it not because believes it's the truth, but because it serves his interests. It takes the heat off him. It's SAFE to blame whites. It's DANGEROUS to blame jews.

There is nothing morbid about the white capacity to feel guilt; we have it in proportion as we have the rest of our emotions and feelings. Should we then become shameless liars like the jews, always accusing others baselessly while playing the innocent victim? I don't think we should. I think we're just fine as we are - except we need to devote our brains to figuring out to protect ourselves, not why we're biologically racially defective, as Jared Taylor and Greg Johnson claim.

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